Your True Worth

You live in the shadows of your mistakes

Hiding from the things you are capable of

Knowing not how to escape the dark prejudice

You have also forgotten how beautiful you are

You have grown immaculately from what you once were

Yet you let the weight of your past hold you down

You mistake the stains on the mirror for your face

For you don’t see yourself clearly like you should be able to

Your beauty lies in the big eyes that see others but not the beholder

Even so the smile that you hide but show, oh, so rarely

You even deny this beauty, afraid that it may be fickle

But your true beauty is like air; cannot be seen but felt; and everlasting

You may not even see how strong and independent you are

With a quick-witted brain full of compassion

Not only mentally but you’re physically just as strong

Capable of looking after yourself, you don’t need anyone else

You have lived long enough with your head full of misconceptions

Its time you see yourself for who you really are

Embracing every part of your beautiful body, face and soul

And be the person you’re capable of, once and for all

What Has the World come​ to?

The world we live in is full of hate and bigotry

We are caged in our minds yet we call ourselves free

Looking at others as different and bursting into rage

The age of racism and sexism is over, we need to turn the page

A shootout here and a bomb blast there

Causing misery and tragedy everywhere

Leaving bits and pieces of blown up body parts

Yet we are not humane enough to open up our hearts

Pushing out people from their homes to streets

That’s not sanity but how a terrorist treats

Sacrificing innocent people in the name of religion or in peace

Is shoving out the love and letting hate increase

Making inhumane laws out of fear and imposing insecure bans

Instead of imposing safety, it may lead innocents to blow up vans

It is not right to turn your friends into unnecessary enemies

Like a stupid kid poking a stick into a hive of bees

Do not lead the world into preventable battles

You have the power to set yourselves free by breaking the shackles

Lead a life of love and show the world you mean no harm

Do not simply follow someone into hatred because of their “Stature and Charm”

Express to the world there is still love and no reason to hate

You know it yourself, no one else can tell you how to be GREAT.

The View From a Mother’s Eyes

The View From a Mother’s Eyes

You grew from a tiny infant into a full-grown human,

Yet the worry in my heart never seems to rest

I may have acted like a villain from time to time,

I had to be the necessary evil to look out for your best

With growing age, the distance between us also grew,

You took the fast lane, while I started to get slow

I understand you needed to spread your wings and make the flight,

But I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to let go

I know not when you became my life’s priority,

But I’m sure that I cherish every single moment

We didn’t always see eye-to-eye, which got us both upset,

Those were the times, regretting I spent

Of all my possessions, you’re the most precious gem

You were my ball of joy, even when you were down for a nap

Things never changed for me, even when you got older

I loved to put you to sleep, while you lay in my lap

It does not matter what part of the world you’re in,

I’ll be with you and there is nothing that would make me bother.

You grew up to outwit and outsmart me

No matter what, you’ll always be my child, and I your mother

Love Again?

Love Again?

There was a feeling of something new,

Yet he had felt like that before.

Something he had had enough of,

Yet he wanted it some more.

The chill through the body and down the spine,

And an electrocution in the brain.

Was he on the brink of lunacy?

Or was he falling in love again?

The scars he took the first time around,

Had left their mark.

Overlooking them for a risk to see the light,

He agreed to walk through the dark.

To rejoice with his joys and happiness,

He must not let a moment go in vain

To carry on the essence of his life,

He must learn to love again!

Standing on the edge of the hill,

Only afraid to make the fall.

Thinking of not losing it in the end,

Once he gives his all.

Thinking about the same thing,

Trying not to go insane.

With every thought he saw her face,

May be he was falling in love again.

He thought of what he had gone through before,

And compared if it would be the same.

To find the strength to heal himself and rise above,

He kept mumbling her name.

Thinking of a prospective future,

He pushed through the pain.

With passing time and healing soul,

He fell in love again

Love for Writing

Blank sheet of papers turn to unforgettable stories,

Turning mere words meaningful, with long-lasting glories.

Some with short and sweet ballads, some with long prose,

Some may talk of love, while some might talk of remorse.

Writers with a power to playfully paint with words,

Influence and impact millions in herds.

Many start writing out of love or passion,

Very few successfully turn this hobby into a profession.

With unique stories of the rich or a slum dweller,

Winning acclaimed awards of bestseller.

I too dream of being a writer someday,

With characters of my stories and different roles to play.

I have started the journey, but I’m nowhere close to the destination,

A head full of different ideas but hardly any creation.

Its time I put the obstacles in my way aside,

And start to surf, instead of flowing along the tide.

As for me, writing is not simply just another thing,

Ironically, I run out of words to explain my love for writing.

Open Up Your Eyes and Lend Your Ear

The sun woke me up like everyday,

Telling me to start a day with a new string

Forgetting the sorrows of yesterday,

With a smile on my face and many more to bring

The wind teaches me a lesson too,

Giving me wisdom, and in return nothing to take

It’s simple & witty and nothing new,

Keep on going, and never stop & let hope break.”

Not long after that, as the night comes, the darkness fall

Says to me in my moment of weakness, to stay strong,

It does not matter if you’re not liked by all

You keep on doing what you do, if its nothing wrong!”

It doesn’t matter if they talk or not,

It’s to understand things without even exchanging a word

As for some ‘talking to nature’ is a crazy thought,

“How can we listen to things that can’t be heard?”

We are mostly going on with our eyes shut and ears covered

Missing out on the world beyond hate, anger and fear

A world that is serene and magnificent, yet undiscovered

So open up your eyes and lend your ear(s)

Burning Desire

When the want for something or someone goes beyond extend

And the search for it, seems like won’t come to an end

Things may go fine without it, but you wish it wouldn’t have to

You run out of options and don’t know what else to do

The want for that something or someone, soon consumes you like fire

It’s then when it’s no longer a want, it’s a burning desire

Desires are limitless; they have no close

Before one desire is fulfilled, another one comes to crop

Wants are mere rants, while Desire is full of passion

Desires are so strong; they either make the person or leave them ashen

A desire for love makes the person patient and strong

While a desire for vengeance may lead them on a path so wrong

It’s not bad to desire something or someone who to you is profound

But you must control your desires and not the other way round

Desire is like fuel, you just need a spark to ignite the fire

It’s then when it’s no longer a want, it’s a burning desire